Bespoke Old & New

A corner site with an original altered heritage home gave challenge to bring it back to its former glory. This was achieved by the owner who is also a master builder. The addition was located to the rear with the pool and opens pace areas located along the side street elevation. This allows for a feel of open space and northern light throughout. The traditional elements where retained within the front bedroom areas. The open home office with washed timber glazed doors outlooks to the pool via a boxed out cubed glass panel. the rear living areas are spacious and all view to the open space areas. This is my signature style. The living areas also looks out at the childrens play area which is located on the opposite side of the pool and barbeque areas. The light timber staircase and rounded handrail details to the stair is stunning, the windows beside the stairwell are screened with perforated metal panels. The powder room is tucked away behind the curved batten wall that forms the central foundation within the rear open space areas. Most importantly the new addition which is contemporary in style while still contributing to the heritage of the original home with the use of painted timber and galvanised pitched roofing. This is a sensational addition to a beautifully restored Victorian residence.