Our Process

  • Consultation

    When meeting with a client for the first time, it’s important we establish a strong relationship. We make every effort to understand what goals and expectations they have going into a project. Everything including budget, materials, timelines and feasibility are discussed in detail to ensure we can deliver a result that meets clients’ needs

  • Sketches

    Preliminary sketches bring ideas to life, providing clients with a visualisation of what shape the project will take. This proofing process may require several rounds of amendments as the vision evolves and is developed further.

  • Presentation to Client

    Designs receive further crafting and are presented to the client for approval, this includes all final materials and details. Once the client signs off, the project is ready for submission.

  • Council Applications

    All necessary permits are organised and acquired from town planning. We handle this process smoothly and efficiently, having completed hundreds of similar applications for past projects.

  • Construction Documentation

    Similar to council applications, all documentation necessary for builders is organised and acquired for project commencement and building permits.

  • Interior Design

    Interior design is what brings the whole design together. There is a big focus on how the client lives and moves within their home. Each interior is custom to each client, with a unique 'Tina Lindner' style and design, with a focus on modern design, materials and sharp lines.